Aircraft Management

Are You Looking for an Aircraft Management Company?

Trident Aircraft management services are designed to help you maximize your aircraft investment with minimum hassle. We offer comprehensive benefits for both personal and business aircraft owners.

We offer complete aircraft management services, insurance, storage, comprehensive administrative services, regulatory compliance, complete maintenance, and operational services.

Trident Aircraft specializes in the management of all models from corporate aircraft manufacturers, such as Gulfstream, Learjet, Challenger, Embraer, Pilatus, and Falcon.

Each aircraft owner has specific needs for the use of their aircraft. Whether for business or personal use Trident Aircraft will work with you to create a tailored program.

Flight Operations
• Department of Transportation Drug Testing Program
• Pilot Currency and Training Tracking
• Flight Dispatch and tracking
• Flight Operations Guidelines and Oversight
• Cabin Stocking
• Regulatory Compliance (FAA, DOT, NTSB and TSA)

Client Services
• Concierge Client Services
• Fuel Discount Program Enrollment
• Maintenance Discount Programs

Maintenance Management
• Aircraft Logbook Oversight
• Phase Inspection Oversight & Scheduling
• Engine Program Reporting and Administration
• Parts Program Reporting and Administration
• Warranty Coverage

Administrative Services
• Act as a hub for all correspondence
• Billing Verification
• Management of Expenses and Partner Payments
• Monthly Management report
• Monthly Owner Utilization report

On Demand Service
Owners or their designated representatives are able to contact the Trident dispatcher 24 hours a day. The dispatcher will collect pertinent trip details and pass all required information to the flight crew.

Trident guarantees capability of ‘wheels-up’ within 4 hours of the owner’s request on weekdays between 7am and 7pm. Nights, weekends and holidays flight crew members will be on 12-hour recall. Trident’s staff will make every possible effort to accommodate any and all reasonable requests of the owner.

Trip Service
You can expect the pilot and aircraft to remain with you during most of your travel events. We will very rarely fly the aircraft home from a trip, and occasionally will airline the crew home if approved by you and cost effective for trips of extended duration. Owners are responsible for the pilot’s meals, hotel and rental car if appropriate during trips away from home base.

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