John Galdieri, a US Naval Academy Graduate, founded Trident Aircraft in 2006.Trident Aircraft was created based on John’s desire to make aircraft rental and instruction affordable to Midshipmen from the Naval Academy and to local pilots. The company started with John, several students, and a single aircraft. As his student load began expanding rapidly, John purchased additional aircraft and rented a closet-sized office at Bay Bridge Airport to accommodate this growth.

He soon began hiring additional instructors and support staff, and by 2008, Trident had a fleet of ten Aircraft, eight full time employees, and was the most active flight school in Maryland.

In 2009, Trident expanded further with the creation of the Trident Aircraft Leasing Division, with Northrop Grumman Corporation as its launch customer. Trident also opened a stand-alone Maintenance Division to support the growing fleet.  Between 2010 and 2020 Trident’s Flight School continued to grow to a fleet of over 40 aircraft, flying more than 12,000 hours annually.  At the peak period, Trident’s Flight School was operating at five airports in five different states, performing military contract training including the US Naval Academy’s Powered Flight Program and the US Army’s Credentialing Assistance programs.

In 2007 Trident was asked by a local business owner to help support his regional private flight needs.  This client purchased a Cirrus SR-22 for his travel and Trident’s Management Division was born.  Using a skillset learned while acting as a Captain in the Fortune 500 world, John created a new business unit supporting private aircraft management services.  This division of the company grew rapidly progressing from small piston engine aircraft to turboprops and by 2011 Trident was managing jet aircraft for local business owners.  Trident Management Division has grown to two dozen aircraft ranging from a Cirrus Vision Jet through a Gulfstream G650ER.

In 2016 Trident earned their Air Carrier Certificate and commenced jet charter operations.  Trident’s charter fleet has continuously expanded and operates a variety of light to super mid-size jet aircraft.  In 2017, Trident became a Fixed Base Operator at Easton Airport selling fuel and hangar services to transient customers in Easton, Maryland.

In 2022 Trident sold the flight training operations to Pray Aviation in an effort to focus on what it does best, its Jet Management operations.

Trident’s headquarters is in Easton Maryland, adjacent to the Easton Airport. Satellite offices are at Baltimore’s Martin State and BWI airports, as well as in Naples and Boca Raton, Florida.

The highlight and core of Trident’s continued success is its People – an incredibly energetic group of over 60 full time employees, including pilots, aircraft technicians and a full administrative and accounting staff. John and Trident pride themselves on their boutique style aviation services.  Aircraft owners receive tailored services to meet their specific needs.

What's it like to work with Trident?

John Galdieri


Meet The Trident Aircraft Team

Flight Team

John Galdieri

President & Lead Captain, Gulfstream G650ER

David Midyett

Chief Pilot & Captain, Praetor 600

Steven Kovarik

First Officer, Praetor 600

Kimble Hanna

Lead Captain, Challenger 350

John Farrington

Captain, Challenger 350

Frank Fluharty

Lead Captain, Citation Sovereign

Mike Hydes

Captain, Citation Sovereign

David Albert

First Officer, Citation Sovereign

David Rochez

Captain, Gulfstream G650ER

Jeremy Meehan

Captain, Pilatus PC24

Alexander Kosten

First Officer, Pilatus PC24

Paolo Bertin

Captain, Lear 75

David Garvey

First Officer, Lear 75

Russell Talley

Captain, Challenger 350

Gerard Ricciotti

Captain, Challenger 350
Jason Flood Trident Aircraft

Jason flood

First Officer, Challenger 350

Don Geda

Lead Captain, Falcon 900 and Falcon 7x

Brian Davis

First Officer, Falcon 900 and Falcon 7X

Darren Reid

Captain, Gulfstream G150

James Kilat

Captain, Gulfstream G150

Raul Gonzalez

Captain, Citation CJ3

Cliff Nichols

Captain, Praetor 600

Mitchell Walker

Captain, Piper Malibu

Zach Johnson

Captain, Legacy 500

Mussie Mehreteab

First Officer, Legacy 500


Brandon taylor

Director of Maintenance

jason schulte

Director of Maintenance, Gulfstream N807BC

Mark Borkowski

Director of Maintenance - Citation Sovereign N682HS

Antonio Rozier

A&P Mechanic

Steven Nawrocki

A&P Mechanic

Mark Porches

A&P Mechanic

Malik Woods

Maintenance & Line Services Tech

Line Services Team

Matt Doeler

FBO Manager

Neko Cooper

Line Service Tech

Ryan Price

Line Service Tech

Robert O’Dell

Line Service Tech, MTN

Terri Connolly

Lead Line Service Tech. MTN


Tad Woodward

Chief Financial Officer

Melody Melvin

HR Director

Debbie Kerins

Accounting Manager

Kari Grimplin

Accounting Assistant

Carrie Wilcox

Accounting Assistant - Easton

Nicole Midyett

Flight Scheduler

Chelsea Kovarik

Flight Scheduler

Ciara Fly

Flight Scheduler

David Ordway

Flight Scheduler

Aja Morgan

Flight Scheduler

Lisa Beard

Quality Assurance

Chrissy McCall

Quality Assurance

Napoleon Martinez

Facilities Manager

Gabby Hare

Accounting Assistant - Easton

Jennifer King

Accounting Assistant